Expertly Trained Crew

Our cleaning crew is expertly trained and has a lot of practical experience restoring space and furnishings to their previous beauty.

We also have specialists available for especially difficult tile, rubber or concrete floor problems, chrome you thought beyond help, or if you end up with a damage/restoration issue.

Because we only recruit a special type of person, we can support an ongoing program of training, support and reward for our crews. This approach has paid off, both for clients and for DeMedio’s. No one on our team has been with us for less than 5 years. And some folks have been part of the DeMedio’s family for over 20 years. That’s the experience, trust, and reliability we all treasure in team members.

Ask other cleaning companies where their crews come from. Ask them how they’ve been trained. Ask them about their quality control standards. Then compare to what you know about DeMedio’s.

Choose the company with the highly trained, dedicated people who WANT to make your space look good again, and again, and again!

Call 610-454-1450 today to learn how DeMedio’s can help you!